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was 40 years old when I was diagnosed with Lupus, it all started out with a cold that I could not get rid of and my body ached.  I went to my Primary Physician where a series of  blood test and x-rays were taken.  I was given a prescription for muscle relaxer and pain.  After my test results came back to my Primary Physician, I was referred to an Rheumatologist who explained to me that I had Lupus and what it was. I was than put on a series of high dosages of medicines and was to have my blood drawn every month and check back in with him. 


Mind you I had never heard of Lupus, just Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I believe it was about the 3rd month when I went to see my Rheumatologist that I was told that I had diabetes.  I just started crying in the doctor's office, I was so scared, because my Mom had diabetes, and all I could think about was that I had to put a needle in my body.  I went to my Mom and cried some more, (her words, "you're going to be alright, you're not going to shoot needles").  She was right!!


As the years have passed I have been diagnosed with lupus, diabetes, RA, and acid reflux, I have had to change medications, lower dosages and take medicines to prevent me from having other health issues.


Lupus has made me seat on a park bench and cry while my husband held me.  It has put me in bed curled up in a ball for several days, and needing help to go to the rest room because my body hurt so much, (shut down as I put it). I've taken a foot soak tub to work for my feet.


It took me awhile to understand Lupus and its affects, but after I attended a support group, I count my blessings everyday,   I believe I have been participating in the End Lupus Walk since 2008, as a Team Leader or joined another Team.  I meet and talk to a lot of people with different stories.


If you, family or friend are diagnosed with Lupus, make sure that you are happy with your Doctor, ask questions, take your medications, join a support group, most importantly LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. 


I have been in remission for years and feeling great. YEAH!!



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