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Transitions Wellness Lounge Hair Studio's Hair Policies

Health (Sickness)

To ensure the health of all and to maintain a healthy salon environment, if you are sick which includes a fever, cold like symptoms, stomach bug, flu like symptoms, etc – please reschedule.  If you arrive to the appointment and you present with symptoms noted above, the appointment will be canceled, and the cancellation policy will apply.



Arriving to Appointment


Cancellation Policy

You have access to the scheduling platform ( and can cancel at any time.  However, please note that if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, you will be charged 100% of your service fee or package count.  This fee must be paid prior to you being able to get on the schedule in the future.




Your appointment has been reserved just for you, so please notify me via text if you are running late.  If you are running late 10 minutes or more, your appointment will be canceled, and the cancellation policy will apply.




Service Environment


TransiTions 7 Hair Studio prides itself on its positive vibe and energy; therefore, behavior must be conducive to support this.  


TransiTions 7 Hair Studio understands “holistic” approaches to “chilling”; while in chill state, it is expected that behavior respects the studio’s positive vibe and energy.  It is also requested that smell on clothing is minimized prior to entering.  TransiTions 7 Hair Studio reserves the right to cancel service if client is not of “clear mind” or behavior is inappropriate; full fee for scheduled time is expected.


Hair Restoration Services are not provided to:

  • Anyone under 18 years of age

  • Any pregnant or nursing mother

  • Anyone with open, inflamed or draining wounds/lesions on the scalp

  • Against the advice of a client's doctor

  • Anyone who is a breast cancer survivor (most oncologist do not want breast cancer survivors to use DHT blockers

  • Anyone with metal plates in the head or history of brain tumors or melanoma should check with  their doctor before service


Our new normal continues to have Positive Energy and provide Quality Services in a Safe, Sanitized, and Healthy Environment. The following guidelines have been adopted by TransiTions 7 Hair Studio to make sure that we do our part to curb the spread of COVID-19.

We work by Appointments only. 

  • You are required to complete a wellness questionnaire prior to initial appointment. (this will be sent to you via email upon appointment confirmation)​

  • You are required to wash your hands upon your arrival and before you sit in the chair. 

  • I will wear a mask while servicing each client.

  • You are required to wear a mask while getting your hair serviced.

  • We sterilize and sanitize all equipment after each client.

  • No guest is allowed to accompany clients to their appointments.  (Besties cannot accompany you)

  • Our complementary water service has been suspended and all  eating and drinking must occur outside of the studio.

TransiTions 7 Hair Studio accepts contact less payment options: Cash App; Credit Cards; and ApplePay.  Cash is also accepted.


Service Category Definitions


  • Scalp Scope Includes: viewing the hair follicles at 50x and 200x with pictures and verbal analysis


  • Consultation Include:  Completing an Clinic Questionnaire form; Scope examination and pictures; explanation of the cause of hair loss and recommended hair loss program

  • Laser Sessions: 20-30 minutes under the Laser and is included in the program packages


  • Follow Ups: Occur the initial 4-6 weeks and at the 3, 6, 9  and 12 month intervals; included in the program packages

* Scheduling an appointment with TransiTions 7 Hair Studio acknowledges awareness and agreement with policies.

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