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Hair Restoration

Dealing with hair loss can be complicated, embarrassing, and at times leaving you feeling overwhelmed. 



TransiTions 7 Hair Restoration Center can walk with you in addressing your hair loss challenges from a Multi-Therapeutic Approach.  We provide effective non-surgical options for you in your pursuit for a path to achieve fuller, thicker hair.


Here at TransiTions 7 Hair Restoration Center we treat hair loss using an Unique Multi-Therapeutic Approach:


  • Combining Laser Therapy, XTREME TOTAL CARETM (XTC) DHT Blocking Supplements & Topicals along with proper Scalp Hygiene to provide solutions that yield dramatic results!​


  • Personalized continual maintenance programs designed just for you and your hair needs







Low level laser (light) therapy, or Laser Therapy, is a safe, effective way to regrow hair and slow further loss. Laser Therapy works by stimulating cellular activity in your follicles to slow down and minimize hair loss while supporting hair regrowth. Through a process called photobiostimulation, which is similar to photosynthesis in plants, laser light energy reawakens and reenergizes your hair follicles at the root. 


Laser Therapy is

  • Safe & Effective 

  • Non-thermal (cool)

  • FDA-cleared for Treating Hair Loss Due to Heredity

  • Treats Thinning Hair & Balding 

  • Nurtures Fuller, Healthier Looking Hair 

  • Revitalizes Damaged Hair

Why should you schedule a consultation with TransiTions 7 Hair Restoration Center?

1. Are you really concerned about your hair loss?

2. Do you want to know how you can stop it and like a number of our clients get re-growth?

3.  Do you want to know the truth about hair loss (and not hear false promises)?

4. Are you motivated enough to do something about your hair loss?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you owe it to yourself to call and schedule a consultation.


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