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Allergies and April go hand in hand. Like many, I have suffered with allergies since childhood and this year has been like no other.

As I strive to find the right solutions to bring about clarity from my allergies; it occurred to me that my search mirrors how I address my own personal growth.

Have you every felt like: "boy i wish this would happen or that would happen" - "Why did I do that?" or "Damn, I am tired of this!"

Clarity is the goal. Finding the right effort and practicing the right behavior is the activity.

Steps for change:

1. Identify the challenge

2. Identify your contributions to the challenge

3. Decide to change the behavior

4. Find supports to assist with change

5. Make the change; and

6. Acknowledge strides when change takes place - one day at a time

We are entering into a new stage with our Women's Success Lounge. We will bring you inspirational, motivational and lessons learned that will impact our Mind, Body and Soul.

Clarity is not by chance; but a result of consistent actions with purpose.

Peace & Harmony from Exquisite LocDesign's Women's Success Lounge

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