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Power Women: Five Ways to Sneak in Your Fitness While at Work Here is how to get up, get out, and wo

Making the time to get up, get out and get into your daily fitness can be hard when trying to balance a busy work-life schedule, but fitness is not an area you want to neglect when striving to maintain optimal health and happiness. Making time to get up and move is a must, even if it means sneaking your fitness in while at work.

It may seem unconventional to workout in the workplace, but with stress levels high in office, a good workout may be just what you need to bounce back and deliver that killer presentation in your next meeting.

According to a recent study conducted by Lantern, a Web-based therapy company, stress is thought to affect more women than men, especially when it pertains to the workplace, so when you find those rare moments of peace throughout the workday, take advantage, leave the office and take a brisk walk. You may even want to take note of your activities each day in a personal place to congratulate yourself on keeping fit.

“Notice the times that you are relaxed, breathe deeply and enjoy them. Keep a gratitude journal daily. It helps to maintain perspective as well as optimal physical and mental health.” says Dr. Janet Taylor, a psychiatrist based in New York City.

A healthy body is said to equal a healthy mind, so here are six unconventional ways for you to sneak in your workout while working towards your professional goals.

Workout on your commute. Consider jogging or biking to work instead of driving or taking local transportation. Even if you run or walk for only part of your commute it’s an honest effort.

Walk on your lunch break. Get out of the office and take a brisk walk on your break. Maybe invite a co-worker to come along with for support. You’ll be surprised the good it may to do to get out of a stuffy conference room and take in some fresh air.

Leave your desk once every hour. It’s important not to sit down all day. Getting up from your desk and circling the office a couple of times may look strange to your coworkers but your legs will thank you. Moving throughout the day increases blood flow and give you a mental break as well.

Jumping rope. If your workplace has a employee lounge or space where you can step away and not disturb anyone, bringing along a jump rope to work is a great way to get your heart rate up, but don’t forget your sneakers, no one wants to jump rope in heels.

Office yoga at your desk. Yes, this is “a thing”, and it can include leg lifts, tricep dips, basic stretches or any other exercise that you’re comfortable quietly doing while at your desk. A few reps of these and then its back to work but you’ll continue feeling refreshed throughout the day.

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