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Hey, You Good?

I am sending this "Check In" to you because it is on my heart to reach out to each and every Woman within TransiTions 7's Tribe. Today is September 1, 2020 and we have experienced "a lot" within the last six (6) months. For those who have lost jobs, a sense of self or lost a love one, as Kumara and I have with the loss of our Sister Darlene to COVID; moments/hours/days are hard. As we press on, we have been lifted through prayer, meditation, laughter, hugs, check-ins, and cries. I encourage you to take time to check in with yourself and check in with your love ones.

We are entering into the next Season of the year (Fall); please plan your days around staying healthy. You can do this by addressing your Individualized Circle of Life. Within the Circle of Life we have: Spirituality; Creativity; Finances; Career; Education; Health; Physical Activity; Home Cooking; Home Environment; Relationships; Social Life and Joy.

Starting this month and every month thereafter, I will share with the Tribe: Information, Activities, and Positive Praises associated with the Circle of Life.

The first order of business is to know and understand that Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being; not just the absence of disease. Health is a journey.

I promise not to preach about what you should stop doing. (Smile). I will focus on what you can add to your life.

So for September, I challenge you to:

Week 1 - Drink more Water

Week 2 - Practice cooking something new

Week 3 - Experiment with Whole Grains

Week 4 - Increase Sweet Vegetables

Each week I will send you links and/or ideas to help with the challenge .

Let's go and be our best selves.

I am TransiTioning to my next stage of ____________________________ (you fill in the blank).


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