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The Best Gift you can Give.....

As we regain focus from the Holidays and approach the new year, we are all pondering over our upcoming goals, must dos, and must not repeats. This past year

has been a ride for me and my loved ones - through God, prayer, cries, hugs, much love, conversations, self reflection and self-love - Still I Rise! (Maya Angelou)

My mantras are the Serenity Prayer and a quote by Wendy Palmer “The Best Gift you can give Someone is to get Yourself Together”

2017 was a transition.

2018 I will soar.

I open this year with the following words of my literary mentor

Audre Lorde in her poem titled POWER:

Woman power


Black power


Human power


always feeling

my heart beats

as my eyes open

as my hands move

as my mouth speaks

I am

are you


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