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SMART Goals for 2017

As we approach the transition of President Obama and his family to Civilian life; one can see from the various interviews, speeches and celebrations that they have made a significant impact on our country and personal lives.

So as a business woman, I must ask myself, what do I want my impact to be. How do I want to influence others? What is my USP (Unique Selling Proposition). What makes Exquisite LocDesign unique? That question also forces me to take the time to do my Strategic Planning for 2017.

Have you taken the time to do your Strategic Planning for your life (professional, personal and financial)? If not, I challenge you to take these Three (3) steps to choose and take action on the right goals:

1. Identify 3-5 goals that line up with where you want to go. When you see a clear line of sight between your goals and your personal vision, it is easier to stay motivated. Know what really matters to you. Knowing your key drivers helps you set the right goals.

2. Identify some actions you could take around your priorities that would advance you toward your vision. Consider actions that will leapfrog you forward or give you some quick wins.

3. Write your goals down and put them in a place that is visible to you on a daily basis. Seeing your goals daily will give you regular and gentle reminders of the tasks at hand to get where you want to be.

Please share your goal setting process and what has worked or not worked for you. I can be reached at


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