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Believe In Yourself

I just saw the trailer for The Wiz Live scheduled to air on December 3. I loved the original movie (1978) with Ms. Diana Ross. Ms. Ross portrayed a young women who had a goal and nothing was going to stop her from reaching that goal. Although she was full of doubt and fear in unknown territory, she found and used elements of courage (lion); heart (tin man); and brains (scarecrow) to follow her designated path (yellow brick road) to reach her goal (going home).

The connection with the character “Dorothy” is deep for me. I have the goal of living a financially independent life and being a successful business women. I use courage, compassion and knowledge to follow my path to success. I have a team of loved ones who have my “back”. And there is no stopping me! (Ease On Down the Road)

What about you? Do you have a life goal? Do you have a pathway to reach that goal? Do you have supports and a team providing guidance?

If not, I encourage you to make time this week to do three things:

1. Think about what makes you happy that you would do for free.

2. Imagine you woke up one morning and everything was perfect in your life, what would that look like?

3. Write down #1 and #2 and reflect on what small steps you can take towards that goal before 12/31/15.

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