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Beautiful Butterfly

As we reflect on yesterday, the day of giving THANKS; many of us go immediately into the holiday season of gift giving and charting out our New Year’s resolutions. We make lists of the perfect gifts for loved ones and close friends; and we start to note things we want to transform for ourselves (health, finances, relationships, etc). I do the same thing. In fact, I have the gift buying and New Year’s resolution thing down to a science.

There is this saying I came across one year ago, “Transformational Change is creating lasting lifestyle change.” In that article, it stated that 25% of people fall off of their New Year’s resolutions within 1 week and another 60% walk away from their New Year’s resolutions within 6 months. Where do you fall? I use to fall somewhere in the 60% of people who walked away from those “harder” to meet transformational quest. However, one year ago, that retreat stopped and I found I was able to make lasting changes is some areas. I am still a work in progress though. (smile)

So the question is, what is Transformational Change? Transformational Change is becoming the fullness of who we are right here, right now. It is grounded in the power of a positive vision and focusing on what we want to create. While acknowledging the importance of critical thinking, transformational change balances critique with the power generated by an appreciation and honoring of what is already good and useful, and the hope inspired by focusing on what’s possible. Or simply stated by Ghandi, “We must be the change we want to see happen in the world.” Trust yourself and the process.

To start the process for yourself, write about your ideal change:

  1. What do you want to change?

  2. What are your biggest obstacles?

  3. List all of the “pain” you experience that you can solve.

  4. Put in order of priority starting with emotional first.

The Women’s Success Lounge is a place where you can develop your transformation into a Beautiful Butterfly. I invite you to visit us

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