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The One Thing You Need To Do With Your Best Friend – Now

As I pondered this week's discussion, I came across a blog on Avon's website and decided to share because of it's importance to our lives:

"Benefits of a best friend: an endless supply of laughs, a loyal companion, a relentless secret keeper, an honest soundboard, and a person who just gets you.Benefits of a breast friend: all of the great things above, plus the ability to potentially save your life.In the United States, approximately 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime, and even more lives will be touched by the disease in some way. Those are important facts to put on the agenda for your next bestie catch-up session."

"Talking about breast cancer shouldn’t be awkward. It should come as naturally as spilling the details of a first date or discussing your hectic workday. So whether your BFF is a childhood buddy, sister, officemate or mom, remind her to get a breast exam – and use the hashtag #BeABreastFriend to share with your entire circle.Tell your friends, make the pact, and take your relationship from best friend to breast friend.For more information on breast cancer and breast health, visit All for the Breast."

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