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One Down and Eleven to Go

Okay, here we are on the 25th day of January. Have you done your goal check-in? I mean really look at where you are with each of your goals?

Are you on target? Are you somewhat on target? Or are you at a standstill? Regardless of where you find yourself, just take a deep breath, re-focus and dig in again.

If while snowed in with cabin fever, you find yourself surfing the web and ordering things you do not need. No problem - go to your monthly budget and re-adjust your expenditures for February to make up for the slip. The key is that you have to re-adjust and make up for the slip!

If you found yourself sitting on the couch snacking more than you normally do; again don't give up - just get up and add some physical activity in-between watching movies and web-surfing. For example, walk 10 times from the couch to the bathroom and back (to show you got this) add one squat in-between sets.

Women's Success Lounge is here and ready to assist you with your goals. If healthy eating is on your list, check out our Cooking Demonstration coming in February. If starting your own business is on your list, check out our Coaching Services scheduled monthly.

To borrow a famous saying from NIKE - Just do it!

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